Sandplay For Life

Individual Personal Development

Use Therapy to change your life

Focus on action in the real world

Two Modalities

1) Highly interactive insight and talk therapy

2) If indicated, Sandplay Therapy may be used to explore or nourish emerging insights

Two Structures

1) Weekly, twice a week, or every other week sessions

2) Three-day Intensive Retreat
• Away from responsibilities and the daily routine
• Immersed in your own process
• Choice of 2, 3, or 4 Sandplay Work Sessions

Structure and Rates

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Weekly, twice a week, or every other week sessions

One hour:

Additional 15 minutes:

One hour + 15 minutes:

Two hours:


3-Day Intensive Retreat
(All sessions one hour + 15 minutes)

4 sessions:

3 sessions:

2 sessions:


–For Intensive Retreats, stay at the local Claremont Hotel, Berkeley, California

Call today to make an appointment: 510-845-0999